Madam X

originated by Doug Swisher
(first posted April 12, 2010; last updated April 12, 2010)

Doug has a contemporary pattern list and video on his website here.


These are the instructions from a handoug Doug gave David Nelson. It is undated; circa 1987.

Hook: Mustad #94840
Thread: Yellow Monocord
Tail - Nat't deer hair
Body - yellow tying thread
Underwing - Nat'l deer hair
Wing - Nat'l Deer
Legs - Med. Size round rubber

Step 1: Attach a portion of deer hair and tie to bend of hook. Retun to starting position.

Step 2: Wrap body to cover tail section and tie in a portion of hair for underwing.

Step 3: Tie in a large portion of hair forward on hook and secure.

Step 4: Push hair back over to make a bullet head. Tie on two rubber legs and adjust to X shape.

Half Hitch and draw thread through head of fly and whip finish.