Site Participants and Contributors
First posted April 2, 2010 Last updated June 2, 2010

Site co-chair Lauren Culler collecting stoneflies in Iceland

A site as complex and labor-intensive as this does not get created in a day or by a single person.
The wonderful information you see here is the result of the work of all of the following. Their contributions are greatly appreciated. Their contribution is listed to the right, which is also a link to their website, if they have one. Their name, if formatted as a link, is a link to a page on this site about them.

Brian Armitage (Caddis Press; donation of books, entomology advice)
Don Chandler, PhD (entomology advice)
Lauren Culler (project co-chair, planning, collecting, inspiring the rest of us)
Ken Davis (photographs, photography advice, entomology advice)
Ed DeWalt, PhD (entomology advice)
Jane Earle (entomology advice)
Kristine Hahn (web programming)
Tom Henry (microscope advice)
Guy Howard (photography equipment, photography advice)
John Johnson (photographs, photography advice)
Tim Loh (photographs)
Michelle Mahood (photographs)
David Nelson (project co-chair)
Arlo Pelegrin (photograph)
Norm Penny, PhD (entomology advice)
Frank Pisciotta (collecting)
Colin "Sandy" Pittendrigh (photographs, photographic advice)
Roger Rohrbeck (entomology advice, collecting; project member)
Bill Stark, PhD (entomology advice, project advisor)
Ken Steward, PhD (entomology advice)
Doug Swisher (article)
Bill Toone (permission to use published photos)
Ralph Wood (encouragement, photograph, article)
Jerry Griffin (collector)
Wayne Luallen (collector)


Click here to see list of collectors and the map of collecting sites
for the continental US

(updated May 29, 2010)


Maps for Alaska and Canada pending