What is Stonefly.US All About?

This website has two overall goals, to help flyfishermen and scientists interested in stonflies. More specifically,

(1) Help flyfishermen:

(A) We are making the scientific knowledge of the professional plecopterists as well as the wealth of knowledge from flyfishing guides accessible to the fly fisherman. We are gathering data about stonefly distribution and emergence on a regional or river-by-river basis, so that a flyfisherman going to a particular area would know what to tie for any given time period.

(B) We have collected a number of classic stonefly patterns tied by the originators, such as the Bird's Nest by Cal Bird and the Big Ugly by Charlie Brooks, and will have photographs plus tying instructions for these treasures of flyfishing.

(2) Help scientists:

(A) We are collecting the knowledge and "on-the-stream" presence of flyfishing guides, harnessing them as "citizen-scientists" to collect data (occurance and emergence) and specimens. This will result in an online database that will make this information available to scientists working on stonefly identification and water quality assessment, as well as other endeavors. We are collecting specimens (both nymph and adult) to be sure of the genus (and if possible, the species) of the information provided by the flyfishing guides. The data is being collected in a scientifically rigorous manner (collector, time, date, location [GPS data]) so that the data is reliable enough that scientific papers can be written based on the collection.

(B) We are working toward creating a new type of second-generation, parallel key to stonefly adults and nymphs that uses the graphic and hyperlink power of the Internet, with pictures and text at each couplet to assist in making decisions. It will be as if you had the professor at your side as you consider each couplet. Paper-based keys are difficult to use. Some have described keys as "documents written by those who don't need them for those that can't use them." For more information, see Concepts of an Online Key portion of this site.

Would you like to become part of the North American Stonefly Project team? Interested in collecting specimens and data? Please click here.

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